Small Business Technology Hiring Tips

Small business owners struggle with staying afloat. Unlike large industrial companies and franchises, small businesses do not have access to unlimited funding capital. Therefore, they cannot afford a large “turnover” in the workplace. One way to eliminate frivolous spending is to incorporate strong hiring practices. Implementing practical hiring techniques ensure small business owners that they are actually hiring, the best candidates for the job.

Employment in the construction industry declined in past years, and in the last few years, this industry has made a “great” comeback. Construction companies are reporting a new high in job growth, as new technology forges them into the new millennium. Construction is not all digging, and hammering. There is a technical side to construction that is continually increasing.

In 2013 construction companies have reported an increase in employment, of close to 2% per month. However, in the month of October a new high in employment reached nearly 3.5%, this is an increase from March. Florida, California and Texas have the highest employment rates in construction. This increase comes from the real estate and energy sectors. Texas led in the increase with 3.23 percent, with California following close behind, and Florida making a noticeable mark, with an increase of 52 percent.

With construction now being in high demand, small businesses are forced to “up their game”, if they want to play in the big leagues. This means investing in employees with construction engineering experience. New machineries, new building materials, in addition to new energy efficient building designs are bombarding the future. From a technological standpoint, construction is coming fast forward into designing “buildings of the future”.

Newly developed vacuum insulated glass, optimized fa├žade window systems, membrane building refurbishment, and electrochromic glazing are new names in construction, but not in technology. Construction companies, especially small businesses are expected to attract and retain technical minded employees.

However the best shot small businesses have at hiring the right workers for the job, is through state assisted training. Many colleges and technical schools are putting up great incentives, for students who want to pursue a career in construction. With computer aided designing, and architectural design, students are more than ready to plunge into a construction career, once they complete their training. With the need of qualified workers being so great, companies are willing to hire competent workers, while they are still n school.

Construction companies can recruit their most qualified applicants, while they are yet learning. This allows the company to get the best workers and the most competent, while students are enhancing and perfecting their skills. This is a win, win solution to filling the construction shortage, and the unemployment gap. New technology in construction, bring these two worlds together in a way, which is profitable for everyone.

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For Beginner Real Estate Investors, Fix and Flip May Not Be the Best Strategy

Contrary to what all the “Real Estate Investor seminar” companies that roll into town from out of state to teach people how they can get rich investing in real estate, I believe fix and flip may not be the best strategy for a beginner real estate investor.

I often go to these real estate investing seminar sales pitches, because I find it entertaining for me to hear these out of state “seminar pitchmen” – self proclaimed market experts, on my local real estate market, mainly because it gives me a better understanding what people who want to become real estate investors are being told and where they are getting these ideas.

Yes much of what they teach is true and valuable information, and yes wholesaling and fix and flip should return your investment in a much shorter time frame than a buy and hold strategy, but Real Estate is local, local conditions (the market may be different on one side of the street than the other), local laws, state laws are different etc…

Historically real estate has been a good long term investment vehicle, apparently many investors feel, judging by investor buying activity in the area this past year. An example of the current market would be a sign a builder had up saying homes starting in the 130’s my being familiar with the community I know of several houses that same builder build 2 and 3 years ago that are listed as bank owned or short sale starting at 71k. As a matter of fact I was in one that closed a couple of months ago that was move in ready that sold for 58k which was over the listing price at the time so that would have been a better time.

But even a 71k slap a little lipstick on it (new carpet, paint the inside, a few scented candles ) for 59 thousand less.

Some are seeing the opportunity they have and taking action. Some are watching what is happening, and some will wake up someday and wonder what the heck happened.

And in all fairness their some see the opportunity and would like to take advantage of the opportunity now but don’t think they have the money to invest.

Until you have a professional team assembled, I think you might want to keep your day job, maybe rollover your money from your IRA into a self-directed IRA to use to invest in real estate with, preferably, investments that don’t require much in repairs, at least until you have a good contractor on your team, (oh you are good with a hammer and plan to do it yourself, didn’t they mention at the real estate investor seminar that, in Arizona, if the repair costs, you know, labor and material cost were over $1000 and you sell or rent out the home within 12 months, that all the work must be completed by licensed contractors in AZ) that you can trust and are confident will not go over budget eating into your potential profits.

This information is for informational purpose and not intended to be investment advise, and should be explained to you in detail. You should always feel free to consult an attorney and/or tax adviser to obtain further information you deem necessary. I want you to be prepared.