Why Atlanta Real Estate Agents Have it Easy

Atlanta real estate agents are having it easy – and why? Because Atlanta is growing. Not just growing, but blossoming as though thousands of people have just been let in on a secret, and real estate in the city is being snapped up almost as quickly as the estate agents can locate new property for sale. Between the years 2000 and 2006, the city of Atlanta grew in population by more than twenty percent – far more than any other metropolitan area, which officially classes it as the most rapidly developing city in the country.Atlanta real estate agents are therefore to be envied, and Atlanta real estate is a commodity to be prized. The many people competing to get a slice of Atlantan life are not certainly disappointed by the range and quality of properties on offer. Whether you’re looking for a smart townhouse with a pretty garden rolling down to a tree lined avenue in a quiet suburb, or whether your style leans more towards a trendy loft or condo in the heart of the bustling city, there is a district and a style of property to suit any prospective resident.The city has roots which go back a long time. Originally it was developed as a suitable location for the railroad track ploughing its way across Georgia, and was originally called Terminus for that reason. After a while, its name was changed again to Marthasville, and then again to Atlanta. The railroad is still of importance, and transport within the city is excellent, with a rapid rail network known as MARTAS operating underground to serve the whole of the city. The world’s busiest airport, according to figures relating to both passenger and aircraft numbers, is situated just 10 miles south of Atlanta, and serves many internal and international destinations, and it is partly this which has resulted in Atlanta being such a popular place for tourists to visit.Atlanta is exceptionally well serviced by freeways that radiate out from the city and encircle it both internally and externally. The chief mode of transport is the car, and this is considered essential in order to commute to work or access the shops unless you already live well within the city centre. Atlanta has often been called the Los Angeles of the South as a direct result of its high usage of cars as a means of transport.Atlanta real estate comes in many flavours, but by and large it can considered as being typical of each area of the city, with Midtown being the thriving centre of the commercial district, the hub of retail life. Midtown is quite near the very affluent district known as Buckhead, but whereas Buckhead will cost you quite a significant sum of money, Midtown offers similar access and location benefits but at a lower price. Decatur is currently fairly reasonable in price and has a very trendy and chick style, with a lot of younger people and professionals moving in to the area.For families moving to Atlanta who have children, or for students moving to the area, education is of much importance, and Atlanta doesn’t let the side down here either. In addition to an Institute of Technology and a State University, Atlanta benefits from a high level of academic institutions – thirty offering higher education opportunities, with one of the colleges being consistently ranked one of the top twenty in the whole of the US. With over a hundred schools, and adult learning centres, parents settling in the area have a good deal of choice, and more importantly, the children and students will have excellent opportunities.Atlanta real estate agents are also pushing the sports facilities on offer. As one would expect of a city which hosted the Olympic Games only a few years ago, sport and athletics is a major aspect of both the city and those who call it home. If you are choosing to buy Atlanta real estate, you are choosing to immerse yourself within a culture which has more stadiums, arenas, courts, sports fields and leisure facilities than any other city per acre. With major league sports such as baseball, American football, Super Bowl and basketball all being represented by major teams, whether you enjoy playing or watching sport, there’s more going on here than anyone could ask for. Thousands of young people are choosing to buy Atlanta condos or lofts as an affordable but stylish way of getting right into the heart of this city of sport.As far as the style of Atlanta condos are concerned, there is something to choose for every taste and style. Many of the condos available are situated in old, authentic buildings from the 1940s, or even earlier, and have retained the old feel and style. However, for those who prefer the look of a modern 21st century apartment, then the steel and glass structures which rise up out of the city and offer resplendent views across the parks and awe-inspiring skyline offer exactly the kind of lifestyle that a modern, vibrant city has to offer.It really does seem that the Atlanta real estate agents whose job it is to sell these amazing properties within a city that continues to benefit from massive investment, development and progress, have the easiest job in the world.